Choosing Shoes and Footware For Men - 7 Important Considerations Before You Buy

This guide will help you navigate the market of men's shoes and equip you with tips to direct you to the right shoes or boots.
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Consider the basic reasons why you need the shoes

Today, the market is offering for a wide range of shoes. Specifications within each range vary in price and quality.  Price is important, but quality is critical. With this in mind, you have to make sure that you go deeper into understanding the nature of footwear required for your needs.

Considerations should include the type of surfaces you will be walking, standing or sitting on. The nature and rigour of activities you will undertake should also be considered. For most people, it is ideal to have at least a single pair of walking shoes.

For work related shoes, special attention should be paid to ensure that the selected shoes or footwear complies with the minimum safety standards. It is also important that the shoes or footwear you choose provide maximum comfort to enhance performance.
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Understand your personal circumstances and lifestyle choices

It is possible for men to use one type of shoe for a variety of activities. Some activities are however best done using their specially designed shoes. Sports, hiking and climbing are obvious examples. To best enjoy your lifestyle choices like hiking, it is essential to have at least a pair of hiking boots.  

For joggers, running shoes will be ideal. Information obtained during the research to buy process will not only enhance your comfort and safety, it will also usually come with value added knowledge as you find out more about the choices available in your lifestyle choice hobby or sport.

Your circumstances are unique. Wide shoes are ideal for men with wide feet. If you have a medical condition, it is worthwhile to find out if there are shoes designed for people with that condition. A little research in this area will provide valuable tips to help you find the right shoe for your feet.
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Get your foot size right

Whether you are choosing football boots, gym or cycling shoes it is important to get the shoe size right. There are several ways of measuring your feet's size. One simple method is to use the measuring devices in shoe shops. A measuring device can be obtained for a reasonable price online.
You probably have a good idea of what your shoe size is.

You can verify this via a simple method at home. You should put your socks on, step on a clean sheet on a piece of paper and draw around your feet – one at a time. Measure the length of each foot. Use the longest measurements as the basis for your shoe size. The measurements will then have to be converted via a conversion chart. These measurements are best done in the evening when your feet are largest. Getting the size right is a critical factor in ensuring comfort.

Once your size is known, you will expand the source of your high heels, first baby shoes and even climbing shoes via making it possible to consider to online shoes. This will free your expand the geographical reach and make it possible for you obtain your next sandals, bike shoes or workout shoes online. Getting your next pair online has the advantage of being able to do in the comfort of your home without the need to hop from shop to shop looking for the right size or brand.
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Pay attention to your feet’s width

Since shoe size is measured using the length of your feet, it is essential that you know how wide your feet are. Your search may be for cowboy boots or formal shoes but having the right size without taking feet width into consideration may bring about discomfort.

Going for a larger sized shoe will not help if your feet are wide. It will be necessary to select wide feet shoes. There is a wide selection of such footwear and one need not despair.
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Consider your style

Men's fashion and styles are changing everyday. It is possible for someone to combine sneakers with a suit to have cool contemporary feel. Your footwear should generally match with the belt.

Ideally dark colored shoes should be selected. Dark colored shoes can match with a wide variety of clothing. They easily fit into formal and informal wear.

Researching within your chosen area will generally reveal some new trends and advances. Even if you tend to go for a certain type of work boot or sandal. Reviewing the market will expose you to the latest developments. This will widen your range of choices and help base your next choice on more comprehensive information.
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Give yourself enough time

In this fast paced world one of the easy to forget areas is footwear. Ideally you should consider another pair of footwear before the current one is run to the ground.

Polishing, shining and generally cleaning your shoes is important in maintaining your footwear. It is also critical in always giving a clear picture of their state. This is one of the most effortless ways to trigger your next search.

If possible and economic, you may want to repair your current hiking boots before considering their replacement. It is not always possible to find a shoe repairer near you, in this case a replacement could be the only option.
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Review your range and consider making a donation

Due to the liberalization of trade and advances in technology, men's footwear is now generally cheaper than in was 20 years ago. On the other hand, a premium still needs to be paid for top of the range shoes. This supports and incentivises research and continuous improvement.

As an individual you may not want to wait till you rundown your current pair of shoes before considering the next one or moving up the footwear value chain. In this case, it will be ideal to donate your shoes to charity. This is a win-win situation since it benefits you and the less privileged. Infrequently or rarely used pairs also form ideal candidates for donations.


Consider your Storage Options

Investing in a shoe rack will crucial. Shoe racks  vary in size and shape. A good shoe rack must be able to save you space. It should also be able to contain most if not all your shoes. If neatly laid out, this will keep all your shoes visible or at least at hand so that they are never forgotten.

Some speciality lines like waterproof gardening boots could be stored in the garden shed alongside gardening tools. This saves space and reduces the possibility of walking into the house with muddy boots.

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Focus on quality

Your focus should be on quality. This is critical in a market with a wide range of suppliers offering a variety of levels of quality. There are all types of leather but the best is pure or genuine leather. It is flexible, durable and can easily remove moisture.

A rubber sole is ideal if grip is required. Various facets of a shoe’s construction should be examined. This will raise your expectation and widen your range of possibilities and make you a step closer to that great pair of shoes you have been dreaming of.

Comprehensive and authentic quality information can be obtained by reading customer reviews of your potential choice. This will give you comprehensive, objective and independent information about the quality and performance of your potential choice.
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Consider writing an online review

Once satisfied with your chosen footwear, it will be worthwhile to consider writing a review. This will help other shoppers make more informed decisions. It will also increase your knowledge as you realise some elements which could only be observed or known via experience and review.