Best Cowboy Work Boots: Handy Tips You Need Ahead Of Your Next Purchase

Cowboy boots are a type of footwear whose design was originally made mainly for riding horses and doing work in the stables. For several years now, cowboy boots have become a modern type of footwear, whose purpose is not only to ride horses but also to dress and use as a casual pair of shoes for almost any occasion.

Nowadays, these boots are made of different materials, especially of skins or leathers of exotic animals, such as snakes, crocodiles and buffaloes. They also have different designs, including adjustments in the heels to lower or raise them.

These Are The Best Cowboy Work Boots

old west
1. Old West Boots Men's Tbm3010

High quality at a budget price. Durable, comfortable, classic and suitable for vehicle driving and riding motorcycles. Available in 4 colors. Manufacturer advises that you order a pair half a size bigger than your regular size.

  • Round toe, cushioned-insole 
  • Reinforced shank, outstanding grip
  • leather, rubber sole, cowboy heel
2 ariat rambler
2. ARIAT Men's Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot 

Durable well built boot offering a stressed after hard work day appearance. Available in 2 colors. Ideal for putting on with jeans.

  • Square toe and steeel shank
  • Not lined up, pre-used look
  • Leather, duratread sole
3. Laredo Men's McComb Western Boot

Flexible stable supportive boot with a metal toe and heel rand to provide a classy finish. Can cope with any type of weather, easy to clean and polish.

  • Breathable footbed
  • Neoprene outsole  
  • 100% leather, synthetic, rubber sole, cowboy heel
ariat hybrid rancher
4. Ariat Men's Hybrid Rancher Western Cowboy Boot

Tough, lightweight and comfortable boot available in 3 colors. Engineered to cope with the agility and performance demands of rodeo and ranching.

  • Shock absorbing footbed  
  • Duratread outsole 
  • 100% leather, rubber sole
old west
5. Old West Boots Men's Joseph

Durable, conservatively styled and available in 4 colors. Match naturally with jeans. Cushioned, lined and comfortable.

  • Round toe  
  • Re-inforced shank
  • Soft leather, neolite sole, cowboy heel
laredo laramie
6. Laredo Men's Laramie Western Boot

Well lined up, warm comfortable and skillfully crafted. This boot has a contemporary, stylish upmarket feel.  

  • Pointed toe
  • X2 pull loops
  • 100% Leather, rubber sole, cowboy heel
laredo jacksonsville
7. Laredo Men's Jacksonville Western Boot

Easy to put on and fit into. Well crafted, comfortable, durable and suitable for several uses and casual everyday wear.

  • Cushion insoles
  • X2 Pull loops 
  • Leather, synthetic sole
rocky western
8. Rocky Men's Fq0001108 Western Boot

Durable, tough stable and comfortable. The boot contains the 8 layer Rocky ride system for extra comfort and cushioning. 

  • Round toe 
  • Steel shank
  • Leather, rubber sole 
ariat quickdraw
9. Ariat Men's Quickdraw Venttek Western Cowboy Boot

Breathable boot whose lining assists regulate temperature. Comfortable, supportive and suitable for sweaty feet.

  • Mesh lining
  • Duratread outsole
  • Leather, rubber sole
old west TBM3011
10. Old West Boots Men's TBM3011

Stable stylish boot with a cushioned insole for extra comfort. Durable and relatively easy to break into. Manufacturer recommends ordering half a size larger than your regular size.

  • Round toe
  • Re-inforced shank 
  • Leather, rubber sole, cowboy heel

A Men's Guide To Buying Cowboy Boots

There is no doubt that cowboy boots are very well known in many parts of the world and these have become very influential in popular culture. In addition, several materials are needed to make these boots, which can be reflected in every model of cowboy boots that exist. However, what stands out most about these boots is their resistance and quality. The other attraction is the innovation that has led these designs to be used for any occasion.

Cowboy boots have several characteristics. These include the type of toe; pointed or rounded, which may or may not even have a cap. The heels can also be different, they can be higher, lower, inclined or pronounced. To find out which men's cowboy boots to buy, we bring you this guide to give you with the best tips and guidance to help you make a well informed, objective and balanced buying decision.

There are many brands of men's cowboy boots, Some are better than others. Each brand is unique. Some of the top brands are Sendra, Fly London, Scarpe Vita, Dockers and US Brass.

 Some of the factors to consider when buying a pair of cowboy boots include the following;

cowboy boot

 1. Standard Height

Height is perhaps the first things to check when buying a pair of cowboy boots. This is one of the most important characteristics. The height of the boot is what can help you distinguish the boot with your clothes. At different heights you may have to wear different types of clothes or gear, but if you don't know what the indicated height is, then just look for the standard height, which is the most common height.

Ankle high boots are trendy and nice to look. They mix really well with any type of clothing, but are not designed for heavy long hours work. Calf high boots are a good option if your choice is short boots. They will provide the tough appearance and provide cover for your ankles. The calf to knee high boots offer the classic cowboy appearance and provide right round foot protection.

boot heels

 2. Heel

Cowboy boots come with or without a heel. It is important to take this into account when buying a pair. If you are tall, you will do better in a pair of boots without a heel, but if you are a short person, then a pair of cowboy boots with heels will make you look taller. Tall boots usually have a high heel to offer more stability.

traditional materials

3. Material 

As mentioned above, you can find cowboy boots made of different materials. Generally, you will see several types of skins or leathers or even chamois. The price of the boots can also vary according to the material, and this will also determine the life span of the boots.

Boots made from crocodile skins will generally be more expensive than the ones made from cow skins. Leather from cows is more readily available than crocodile skins.

sunset ride

4. Comfortable Size

When buying your cowboy boots it is important that you measure them well and choose the ones you feel most comfortable with. Try to choose the ones that fit you as perfectly as possible. Some sizes can be tight and may hurt your feet. If the boots are too big they will make you uncomfortable when walking. Try different sizes in a shop and walk a little bit before you determine the most comfortable sizing for you.

various types

5. Types of men's cowboy boots

There are several types of cowboy boots. Styles of boots have been created for all sorts of occasions.  There are various styles from which you can choose to best suit your taste and your needs.

5a. Cowboy

The Vaquero boot, also known as the classic boot, is the "standard" mid-western boot prototype you've always imagined. They are usually up to mid-calf high with a diameter of 12 inches. The heel is usually tighter inward and tends to be about an inch and a half long. This model of cowboy boots is one of the most expensive due to its quality, design, craftsmanship, and materials. It is the typical western boot and generally easy to recognize.

5b. Roper

If you enjoy riding horses or even participate in rodeos, then the Roper design will serve you better. The Roper boot model tends to be softer, so it allows the cowboy to ride with more versatility and get off and run to tie up the calf as fast as possible. This model is slightly shorter than the Cowboy model, usually between the ankle and calf, with a diameter of 7 to 10 inches.  The heel is usually rounded and the heel is smaller than the previous model.

5c. Riding boot

The riding boot is the ideal model for riding. Its height is one or two inches higher than cowboy boots, the heel maintains an inward angle and can reach 5 cm in length. The tip of the boot is usually slightly rounded or pointed. It can be uncomfortable for long-distance walking, so it is mostly used for riding.

5d. Fashionable boots

Finally, among the most common models of men's cowboy boots, there are trendy boots. These are usually very traditional, with straps, ruffles and flashes. These boots are not used for a specific job or use but are simply for walking and modeling with a good cowboy style.

 The fashionable models are not usually so original, but they are certainly the most modern and attractive. There is a great variety of material, colors, and designs of the trendy cowboy boots. In fact, many people use some "exaggerated" models of these boots just to show a different and unique style.
ready to go

6. Conclusion

Despite having hundreds of years of history, cowboy boots have never gone out of fashion and apparently won't go out of fashion. They are constantly changing and innovating in ways that appeal to many people, whether they are typical cowboys or simply those who like the style of the Old West. This footwear comes in several colors and brown and black are some of the most popular ones. So if you want to buy a new pair of cowboy boots, or try a new style of footwear that makes you look different, try some stunning boots that make you look new and different, which is sure to catch the eye of many.

sunset magic

Are cowboy boots good for your feet - How a pair of cowboy boots are great for your feet

Cowboy boots generally look cool on everyone. They also offer other benefits if the correct pair is chosen.

For maximum benefit, you will need to have them in the correct size to fit perfectly and you will have to be clear of what use you would like to put them to.

A. Benefits of wearing a good pair of cowboy boots

Most boots are made of a resistant tall piece of leather with no laces. This piece will protect not only your feet but also your ankles and lower leg from any objects you could find on the road. The objects this include rocks, branches, sticks, thorns and even animals.

You can count on a heel that will protect your feet adding height to them and keeping them feet dry in wet weather. This avoids foot fungus when it is hot and conditions frostbite in cold weather.

Some podiatrists recommend using cowboy boots because their heel helps to reduce the pressure on the Achilles tendon - which is fibrous tissue on the backside of your feet and helps you walk. The boots can even relieve pain if the ankles are hurting.

The boots soles are made with very resistant materials to protect you against sharp objects. These soles provide a stable foundation to the boot so you can walk properly.

These boots contain a metal shank which goes from the back to the front and keeps your feet in the most stable and suitable position all the day.

Cowboy boots are comfortable. There are many kinds of cowboy boots so try some of them and choose the one you like the most. To buy the perfect pair you would need to walk in them briefly as you try the boot sizes.

A good pair of these boots will allow you to move your toes freely, so go for a one that has the round toe or a square toe boot but taking care that your toes have a room to breathe, this will make your walking comfortable and avoid the terrible soaked toes.

They will complete your look and they look great with a pair of jeans. You can use them do all your daily activities if you choose the correct ones for your feet. They will also last for a long time if you take care of them adequately.

Dare to look one of these amazing pair of boots and take care of your feet and ankles; they will surely protect you against anything on the floor while they also give you a comfortable walk.

herding cattle

Purpose of Cowboy boots

The main purpose of the cowboy boots is to provide an impressive pair of men’s leather footwear that can support all your daily activities while offering comfortable and stable walking.

Today, there are many uses of cowboy boots. You can use them to complete your outfit because they look great or you can use them because of their functionality especially if you will use them outdoors. Pointed or wide, for barn work or to visit a shop, these shoes will be up for the job.

These boots are not only an accessory to show, while walking on them you can see that they can recite their own story.

A. The evolution of the Cowboy boots, from then to now

In the past, these boots were associated with the American cowboys who used them because they were functional and offered a splendid choice to invest in if you were working outside. The original cowboys needed a pair of these boots to work. These boots were designed for that purpose since they allowed them to ride and walk efficiently and with great comfort.

Nowadays there are still many men and women who use them because for the same functionality.  Many also use them because they like western culture or to complete their looks. This boot will suite many styles and whether they are classic, country or modern. It will spur or guide you to find the most comfortable use you can it to.

You can find many kinds of boots some of them are made for the working and riding activities but there are some, which are fancy and ready to go to events or parties.

B. Cowboy boots have a functional purpose

In riding, the heels in the boots ensure that the foot does not slide too far forward – thus offering stability while riding a horse. Modern versions of the boots seen the heel get lower. Many people like them with a higher heels because they make them look taller.

You can also use them to go to do your daily activities, some people believe that they can hurt your feet, but it is not true. You only need to choose the perfect boots for you, if you want to use them as daily shoes then get ones which fit perfectly and let your toes breathe.

Another functional purpose is fashion, it is not a secret that there are many beautiful pairs of cowboy boots that will make a great impression on everyone around you when you put them on. They are also the perfect detail to complete your outfit, especially if you combine them with your cowboy hat.

There are several types of unique handmade boots for cowboys. If you are not in a place where people usually wear cowboy boots namely Texas or the southwest, this will give you a unique presence.

 As you can see the purpose of cowboy boots have changed in time but they are still relevant to this day because of their functionality and relevance.
cowboy in a field

How to dry leather cowboy boots

Traditional cowboy boots are still of great use nowadays. They are of exceptional quality and will last for a long time if properly taken care of.  While in action, your leather cowboy boots can get wet. This unpleasant and can even be harmful to our feet.

If for any reason your leather cowboy boots get wet, you will need to dry them quickly and properly.  This will avoid cracks or deformation. You must also clean the boots before drying them because sometimes can have mud or other substances.

A. Techniques to dry your own leather cowboy boots

When your boots get wet, some may advise you to dry them by placing them next to a fire or in heat. This is not a recommended, because it will damage the leather, making it hard and then eventually crack.

There are many efficient ways of drying the boots without causing secondary damages. Before doing that, you will need to clean the pair of boots carefully. You can use a piece of cloth, brush or toothbrush to remove all the dirt on the surface of the leather. After this, you will be ready to dry them.

B. Dry them with the help of the sun

On a sunny day, you can use the heat that comes from the sun’s rays to dry your boots, this heat will not harm the leather. You need to put them on a site where they can get the sun directly onto them. On some days the direct heat form the sun will fully dry them up in a day.

C. Use absorbent pieces of paper

There are papers that can efficiently absorb moisture from your leather shoes.  One of the most commonly used one is the newspaper. You need to put this paper all over the boots and fill the inside of them. A string or elastic bands will be required to tie the paper outside the boots. This may need to be repeated a couple of times. Following this technique, you will get all the water out of your precious boots.

D. Put your pair of leather cowboy boots in a bowl filled with rice

This method have been used for decades, get a bowl and put some rice in it, enough to cover completely your leather boots and let them there until they dry in a couple of days.

E. Use a potent fan to get them dry

You can let your leather cowboy boots dry all day in front of a fan; the moving air will do all the work. Make sure that the boots are dry when you take them because sometimes with this method it will cause an unpleasant smell if not bode correctly.

As you can see, there are many ways of drying your favorite fair of leather cowboy boots, choose the one you like best. Drying them in the sun is the simplest and should generally be the option to go for if possible.

volatile ride

Why do cowboy boots have heels

Many individuals including men and women have used cowboy boots as a part of their outfit since decades ago. They boots are trendy even today.  In the past, these boots were functional. They would let you ride a horse and walk comfortably.

With time, additional features have been integrated into this footwear resulting in a wider diversity of functions and uses. Among these features, there are amazing toe shapes, which can be pointy, circular or squared many embellishments to make them look unique and great, embroidered boots, changes in the sole thicknesses and the evolution of one of the most important elements of the cowboy boots - the heel.

Far from what the cowboy boots were created a long time ago, we can see people wearing them normally to do their daily activities. Nowadays, there are many types cowboy boots still made with original materials and even luxurious kinds of leather; stitching and some decorations that make them look great.

A. Why the heel in your cowboy boot is so important

Today, there are many types of cowboy boots some have high heels while other ones have a lower heel.

The heel in the cowboy boots is functional. When you are riding a horse, it will keep your foot stable in the stirrups so you can ride in more comfort. Classic boots come with their unique heel, even though men rarely wear heels. While you are riding it is really required because some horses can be unpredictable and could try to drop you off, so the heels will stop feet from sliding forward or out of the stirrups.

Heels give you better control while you are riding a horse and provide greater stability. They are intended to lock your feet in the stirrup, so you will not have to worry about your feet coming out of it. This is a critical security feature in horse riding. The stirrup will remain in between the heel and the rest of the boot - which is flat. This allows you to easily get your feet out of the stirrups once the ride is over.

B. There are many kinds of heels to choose the one which is perfect for you

There are many kinds of heels. Individual use of the boots will determine the type of heel required. Some of the most used cowboy boot heels are:

The Fowler - is the most comfortable, it is the one that is designed for going out to do your daily activities. It is also flexible enough to put on to go to important meetings.

The Roper heel – is flat and will provide you a great stability while riding a horse.

The cowboy heel, which is especially designed to ride restless horses and avoid your feet to sliding from the stirrups. The heel is an important part of cowboy boots.