Best Snowboarding Boots Mens

As a beginner or experienced snowboarder it does not take a lot to realize the critical part played by snowboarding boots. They provide safety, comfort and warmth.

This guide will help you make your next snowboarding boots choice from a more informed and well-rounded position. It will broaden your perspective and give you tips to create your own backyard snowboard park.

5 Best snowboarding boots mens

DC Phase Snowboard Boots Mens
1. DC Phase Snowboard Boots Mens

Comfortable, stylish, warm, light, durable  tough, and able to support you in all day riding for many seasons.

  • Traditional lacing
  • UNILITE Outsole
  • Flex rating: 5/10
THIRTY TWO 32 STW BOA Snowboard Boots Mens
2. THIRTY TWO 32 STW BOA Snowboard Boots Mens

Lightweight, warm, comfortable well designed and brilliantly constructed boots that will add flavor to your snowboarding. 

  • BOA Coiler Lacing
  • Evolution Foam outsole
  • Flex Rating: 3/10
System APX Men's Snowboard Boots
3. System APX Men's Snowboard Boots

Comfortable, warm tough and offer  good value for money. These boots allow for easy riding and come with a long warranty.

  • Toughened traditional laces
  • Thermofit moldable heat liner  
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty 
thirtytwo men's shifty BOA Snowboard Boot
4. Thirtytwo Men's Shifty BOA Snowboard Boot

Very light and comfortable well built boots designed with the urban park rider in mind. They are quickly broken into.

  • BOA Lacing  
  • Heat Moldable 
  • Flex Rating: 3/10
Salomon Titan Snowboard Boots Mens
5. Salomon Titan Snowboard Boots Mens

Comfortable, quick and easy to tighten boots designed for beginners. 

  • Quicklace Lacing
  • D-Light Outsole
  • Comfort fit liner
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A Men's Guide To Buying Snowboarding Boots

Snowboarding is an amazing sport. The astonishing tricks that snowboarders make are proof of how hard this discipline is. Consistency and hardwork are the main drivers of success in the field.

Snowoarding is a risky sport.  It is labeled as an extreme sport, because of the speeds that snowboarders achieve when going down a mountain or slope. In snowboard parks, they also reach great heights and ride on ramps and making impressive tricks and flips. This is why the equipment of a snowboarder must be specialised. That equipment must allow him to be comfortable when practicing.  It also has to protect the snowboarder from injuries and accidents.

Snowboard freerider

 1. Why are snowboarding boots important?

When practicing snowboarding, it is necessary to keep the feet in a comfortable position. The control of the whole board relies on legs and feet. Snowboarding boots are specially designed to ensure that there is control of the board while feeling comfortable and secure. They also protect the feet from injuries and minimize accidents. The boots keep the feet warm and safe. So, if you are going to buy a new pair of boots, or if you are getting into the snowboarding world, there are a couple of things that you must consider  before you commit yourself to a pair of snowboarding boots.

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 2. Structure of the boots

Snowboarding boots are mainly made of hard plastic, which largely prevents instability during movement. That is because the feet must stay in a rigid position to control the board’s movements and direction more precisely.

These boots are also divided in two separated structures. The exterior boot, also called encasement or shell, and the interior boot. The exterior part is usually the hard one, because it is the one that receives most of the impact. It is in charge of protecting the whole interior side of the boot. On the other hand, the interior part is made of soft materials that make the boots comfortable and warm.

Both parts of the boots have a stand-alone anchoring system, so it is possible to remove either the interior part or the exterior part and to replace them when it is necessary. This is a very useful quick fix feature if for some reason or you don’t have enough time to go to a store and get a new pair of boots.
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3. Size of the boots

Size is the most important element to consider when acquiring a new pair of skii or snowboarding boots. There is a myth about the proper boots size. Some people think that it is necessary to get big boots, other people say that small boots are the best. It is up to each snowboarder to decide, it is a personal decision. Experts recommend that the size of your snowboarding boots must be the same as the size of the common shoes you wear daily.

Go to the store and get a pair of boots that fit well in your feet. Then test them. Walk around on them, flex your knees and ankles, run, jump, also ask questions as necessary, don’t be left in doubt about your boots. Choosing the right size of boots is something crucial. Besides, don’t get squeezy or big boots. These boots must fit perfectly well in your feet.

Always keep in mind that the tip of the big toe must be in contact with the toe of the boot, but without squeezing it. Remember: don’t choose a pair of boots until you are completely sure about the comfort.

Snowboarding in heights

4. The flex

This is also very important. The type of riding that you practice determines what type of flex you must find in your boots. For downhill and fast speeds, it is recommendable to use a hard and rigid pair of boots. This is because the control of the board must be very accurate. When practicing downhill, there are obstacles you must avoid. Besides, the speed is usually very fast, and having a rigid type of flex allows the snowboarder to be more precise within his movements. A hard flex is very responsive when you need to slow down.

For freestyle snowboarding, having a soft pair of boots is more recommendable. This is because in freestyle you are constantly jumping and making astonishing tricks. When landing, the impact your feet receive is bigger. You also need to have a faster control of the board for spinning and flipping.

 Novertheless, there is a medium type of flex. It works for both, downhill and freestyle. You can get this type of boots if you practice both modalities. It also requires a little more experience; however, is an efficient solution.

Remember that when the flex index is higher, the stiffness is equally higher. Lower flex index means lower boot stiffness. Besides, the board and the bindings also determine the type of boots you need. Having a hard board and hard bindings requires hard boots. With a soft board and soft bindings, you can acquire a soft pair of boots.

spectacular action

5. The best brands of snowboarding boots

Brands are recognized for their own models of boots. Each one of them develops different systems and adjustments. The materials they use ensure that they offer unique features for comfort and security.

These are some of the most popular snowboarding boots’ labels;

  • DC shoes: it is famous for designing different types of shoes for extreme sports. The company is a Quiksilver filial and it was founded in 1993. Many webpages recommend to purchase DC snowboarding boots a half size bigger than your normal boot size to avoid tight boots.
  • Burton: is a renowned snowboard company founded in 1977 by Jake Burton. This company makes all kinds of snowboard equipment. Besides, Burton is the most famous snowboard company in all over the world. Jake Burton is considered as the very creator of this sport. Its boots have classic and modern models and systems, for any kind of riding.
  • Salomon snowboarding: The company is a filial of Salomon Group. They started manufacturing snowboarding equipment in 1997, after several years of research and tests. Its boots models are largley very modern. They developed boots with quick-loop and double BOA system. Their boots are very comfortable and reliable.
  • Thrtytwo: founded in 1995 by a group of snowboarders. This company is now owned by Sole Technology, who also own Etnies skate shoes. The thirtytwo boots are commonly made of eco-friendly materials and their quality is very good. ThirtyTwo always puts interesting innovations on its products, which ensures better technology, performance and control when riding. An interesting fact is that they invest a lot of money in their research lab, so they analyze many different factors of snowboarding to improve the quality of their products.

These are some tips and recommendations for buying man’s snowboarding boots. Of course, every single snowboarder is completely different from others. So, if a pair of boots works for one, it is normal if it doesn’t work the same way for other one. Take into account the comfort, the flex and the kind of riding you do. Don’t buy a pair of boots before being completely sure of how you are feeling wearing these boots. It is all about taking care of your health and safety while ensuring peak performance and you ski or snowboard.

Snowboarding Equipment

Can You Snowboard Without Boots

Have you ever imagined going into a snow-covered mountain wearing only a pair of jeans and a simple cotton shirt? The experience would surely be catastrophic.  The same thing would happen to your feet if you went snowboarding without proper footwear. Snowboarding boots exist for one very good reason: to provide both professional and amateur riders with the stability, protection, and support they need to succeed in the sport.

A. What factors should you take into account when choosing the right boots for you?

Snowboarding requires certain movements from the rider, including knee bends and control over the board that is only possible through a correct grip that allows you and your equipment to feel like one unit. The greatest freedom of movement goes hand in hand with fusion with the board and that is only possible if you have proper snowboarding boots.

If you are looking for those snowboarding boots that are right for you, we offer some recommendations that you should take into account before paying for them.

There are countless brands on the market and each one has different features and technologies that will not always fit your needs. You must get advice first.

If you already have some experience, you should know the type of flexibilization that best suits you, both in terms of adjustment and freedom of maneuver.

  •  Check both the size of the boots and their compatibility with the bindings. Some boots have a volume that does not correspond with the structure of the shell. Try them (boot and shell) out together.
  • Find out what type of model will be ideal for you, based on your priorities: Here, factors associated with your experience and the style you practice will be taken into consideration.
  • The right size for you will be the one that provides you with a total fit, from the toe to the heel. A guide on this particular subject is that when walking the heel should not be separated from the insole.
  • Another point to take into account is the type of closure; try the one which feels best for you closures include;

                   - Laces: You choose the level of fit through the traditional system

                   - BOA: Adjustment is achieved by turning a roulette

                   - Quick Release: Just pull the cords to adjust the release on the foot.

B. Some recognized brands are;

The Nitro Snowboards Vagabond Boots

They represent a good option that also enjoys good reception. They stand out for the quality of their materials, their security and closing system, as well as the comfort they provide even during the hardest snow.

K2 snowboarding boots

They have comfortable linings that offer freedom of movement and precision in the adjustment thanks to their cord type BOA. Their adherent soles allow for greater stability on the snow.

Burton Moto snowboard boots

They are characterized by being very comfortable, have an automatic locking system that provides firm and secure stability on the snow.

 Remember that the most important thing when buying your snowboard boots is your safety and you should look beyond fashion trends.
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Can You Use Snowboard Boots For Skiing

Can skiing and snowboarding be considered the same thing? Would it be a valid option to consider skiing in snowboarding boots?

If these questions are also on your mind, this article will be perfect for you. Here we will discover how close or far apart these disciplines are from each other.

A. Differences between Skiing and Snowboarding

Although both sports have the same scenery and environment and the people who practice them usually give in to that taste for adrenaline and speed, the truth is that certain characteristics distinguish one sport from the other, so each pair of boots is made for specific purposes that meet the needs of each discipline and therefore are not entirely compatible.

You may still have doubts, but it is a fact that ski boots and snowboard boots are different from each other, despite the apparent similarities. In practice, you'll find that both their appearance and their performance are marked by differences that, although overlapping, are usually definitive.

It will be unwise to deny that both disciplines require specially designed boots to offer among their benefits: stability, control over the board and the skis, as well as a heating system that protects your feet from freezing.

The main difference can be found in the materials used to make them: while rigid materials such as hard plastic predominate among ski boots, those used to make snowboard boots are much more flexible to allow more room for jumps and pirouettes, which makes them stand out from the former because of their comfort and less rigidity.

In both cases, boots are made in pairs, with a safety system to adjust them to the respective snowboarding platforms. But while skiers adjust each boot to the ski, in the case of snowboard both boots are attached to a board with the feet facing the direction of travel: one in front of the other.

The safety systems for adjusting the boots work differently, while skiers can attach themselves to their skis while standing, the snowboarder must take time to bend down and attach himself to the board.

When skiers can ski from the elevator, snowboards are forced to glide with one foot tied and one footloose, until they have found the moment when they can be tied.

Their safety systems respond equally differently to a fall. For skiers, it is possible to free themselves from the skis by applying pressure to them. In snowboarding, no mechanism allows for automatic release, so people must remain attached to the board, which increases the risk of accidents.

Binding straps are not compatible either, the ski has buckles to fit the shell and adjust it, and snowboard boots use traditional laces.

The important thing is that you know that whatever discipline you choose in the end, you must take into account that you must acquire boots designed for this purpose. Remember they are not interchangeable.

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Backyard Snowboard Park Ideas

The experience of confinement, a product of the Covid-19, which has restricted people's lives in terms of what was considered the "old normal", where everyone could make plans to go out and have fun practicing their favorite seasonal outdoor hobbies, has led many to resort to creativity in order not to lose the opportunity to continue improving their skills and those of their children in the process.

The winter season is propitious for the enjoyment of sports such as skiing or snowboarding, which annually summons hundreds of people to the mountains and the different slopes conditioned for this purpose. However, the monitoring that continues with a view to flattening and reducing the Covid-19 figures leads to maintaining a certain social distance, resulting in several restrictions to snowboarding in large numbers.

It is not a secret that this same situation has led some winter sport enthusiasts to condition a space within their properties to continue with their training.

If you're a snowboarding fan and also have the bonus of having children you want to have a park or facility that guarantees them constant fun. This quick guide offers some recommendations that will help you build a snowboard park at your home, so they (your children) can snowboard without having to go out.

  • In principle, if you already know some basic snowboarding techniques, you can go beyond yourself and focus on preparing a space in which you can build using  materials such like wood or hard plastic, a couple of platforms of different dimensions and characteristics in which both you and your children can find fun.
  • For the kids, you can create a "slide-side" board supported by a sheet of wood or hard silicone whose dimensions and thickness are more than that of a traditional snowboard. It should have features that provide the greatest possible safety. By installing a pulley base underneath the board with an attachment mechanism for climbing, you can generate that sense of balance needed for your kids to begin to gain balance. Extended ropes over this area can provide a greater sense of security for the children in case they need extra grip. On the board, you should also install a safety arch in which you can secure the children's shoes.
  • The inclusion of another element, a wheeled sled with special characteristics to hook the pulley and the board to it, will allow your children to acquire greater dexterity if you proceed to move them from one end to the other, within the margin of aerial ropes, to help them maintain their balance and achieve better body handling concerning the postures that will help them maneuver successfully on the snow.
  • For Dad's fun, with more experience, it is recommended to build artificial slopes with blades that provide a long fall and place a bench in the center of the track where you can maneuver.

If your yard starts to fill up with snow, we recommend protecting the board/sled with a waterproof tarp and keeping the surface flattened through a mini plow.

sliding downhill

Can I Wear Snowboard Boots As Regular Boots

With the onset of winter in some places, snow is abundant, and dealing with this fact can sometimes be overwhelming. However, this is also the time to plan certain recreational and sports activities that have many followers, such as snowboarding.

A. Snowboarding a very popular winter sport

Although in your case you may enjoy to slide down the slopes of a mountain for pure fun, snowboarding arose from the need of those who lived in mountains and were struggling to find a fast method to descend while supported by the use of wooden boards tied to their feet. Much has changed since then. Snowboarding is now considered as one of the most popular snow sports and many people find in this practice one of their favorite delights.

But like everything else, there are also rules to be adhered to in snowboarding, especially in the area of safety. The idea is to have equipment that supports and facilitates the activity, allowing you to stay focused on the control of the board.

If you already have pants, a jacket, a helmet, and snow goggles, the next step is to buy snowboarding boots. You must take the time to define your needs based on the style you practice and the type of features that fit.

We also recommend that you seek the help of qualified vendors who can provide advice on sizes and your particular needs, this guide will never be out of place.

B. Can I wear snowboarding boots as regular?

We recommend that you buy snowboarding boots. Snowboarding requires footwear that provides support and a special grip, so it would not be ideal if you decided to use them regular walking boots.

You'll find that these boots often provide a fit that might be considered tight for those unfamiliar with them. Compared to traditional footwear, snowboarding boots should fit your feet as closely as possible, without of course being painful or uncomfortable.

The reason for this is that with larger size boots you will be limited in the execution of certain movements, control over the board will not be total and the foot may be exposed to injury.

Remember that the role of the boots is to provide stability, while you execute your pirouettes.

C. Snowboard boots buying - quick tips

The sizes usually vary depending on the manufacturer, so the recommendation is that before buying you try on the boots and check how comfortable they are. Try the boots with socks with thermal protection.

Check that the sole of the boot gives you good support and if you plan to walk with them, that their grip is total.

You must pay attention to choose the best Flex that fits your requirements. Boots with greater rigidity provide greater support during fast descents.

Avoid buying second-hand boots. By saving a few dollars you could end up with boots that instead of helping you represent a total nightmare for you.