Best Wedding Shoes Comfort - A Practical Guide To Prepare For The Big Day

Is that special date approaching, and you do not know how to choose comfortable wedding shoes? To make things easier for you, we've put together a complete guide so you can complete your outfit with the right shoes.


Preparation is key. Starting this as early as possible will prepare your mind, and give you enough time understand the scope of the endeavor you are about to undertake. It will take away time related stresses and keep you level headed enough to maximize your chances of resounding success.

These Are The Best Wedding Shoes For Comfort

1 deer shoes
1. Deer Stags Men's Williamsburg

Deer Stags have been making high-quality shoes since 1929, and the Deer stags mens Williamsburg shoe is not any different. It is made of simulated leather to ensure it is durable and comfortable. This shoe combines padded socks and soft, breathable lining to provide optimal comfort every step of the way. Besides, it is complete with a fun-stitching detail that gives it a fashionable twist ideal for work, weddings, or a casual night around town.

  • Lace-up fit ensures a perfect fit
  • Durable synthetic outsole for optimal traction
  • Offers support and cushion beyond 9-5
  • Available in black, dark brown, and dark maple
2 hey dude
2. Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes

Looking for less-formal wedding shoes for men, the Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer is your best bet. It has a low top construction with a round toe design for a stylish but comfortable fit. This wedding shoe boasts a soft lining that will see it become an instant favorite in your shoe collection. As if that’s not enough, this shoe has a memory foam cushion and an ultra-light synthetic outsole to give you the best of both worlds.

  • Versatile design makes it suitable for all occasions
  • Delivers the perfect combination of comfort and style
  • Easy slip-on system for the on-the-go moments
  • This shoe has a flex and fold construction ideal for traveling
3 mens loafers
3. ELANROMAN Men's Loafers Gold Buckle Fashion Handmade Wedding Party Prom Shoes

Take your shoe-game a notch higher by investing in the ELANROMAN Men's Loafers Gold Buckle Wedding Shoes. Featuring a velvet upper as well as silk and leather lining, this shoe is cozy and exquisite. It is engineered with an exclusive red graphic design of rubber sole to minimize friction to optimal comfort. Furthermore, this shoe has copper metal gold buckles that will leave people staring wherever you walk in.

  • Comes in a wide range of color selections
  • Suitable for weddings, holidays, and parties 
  • These shoes look classy with great value for money
  • Makes a great gift for a husband, boyfriend, or brother
4 winder shoes
4. Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's Winder II Work Shoe

If you want to look put-together at the wedding you’re attending next, the Dr. Scholl's Shoes Men's Winder Shoe might just be all you need. They are simple; however, that’s just what makes them classic and formal. For this reason, you can wear them to a wedding and to work thereafter. These shoes are built with comfort in mind; thanks to the independent lab-testing done to beat industry-average comfort.

  • Easy slip-on design are ideal for on-the-go 
  • Elastic goring side panels offer flexibility 
  • Available in black and brown tumbled leather
  • Anatomical cushioning provides added comfort
5 clarks oxford shoe
5. Clarks Men's Touareg Vibe Oxford

100% leather upper and synthetic sole make the Clarks Men's Touareg Vibe Oxford durable enough to last you multiple uses after the wedding. It is versatile, making it ideal for weddings, parties, work, and other occasions needing a formal look. This shoe has a flexible sole design to conform to various conditions for maximum comfort. In addition, it boasts non-marking PU outsole leather for reliable traction.

  • Looks good for a smart-casual outfit 
  • Ultra-light and super-comfortable
  • Breathable to keep your feet cool and dry
  • Comes in two colors and an array of sizes
6 luxury wedding shoes
6. ELANROMAN Men's Loafers Tassels Penny Slip-On Luxury Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes for men just got better with the ELANROMAN Men's Loafers Slip-On Luxury Wedding Shoes. They’re not your ordinary loafers as they feature leather and fabric materials in the right proportions. The result is a grid blue pair of loafers that goes well with a black or white suit. This shoe features a tassel, butterfly tie that takes it from zero to a hundred in a snap. Hence, it makes the perfect choice for the groom or best man.

  • Health cushioned leather insole
  • Suitable for business trips, parties, and more 
  • Features rubber anti friction sole
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns to choose from
7 oxford formal wedding shoes
7. GIFENNSE Men's Dress Shoes Classic Calfskin Leather Wedding Oxford Formal Shoes

If formal is the look you are going for, then the GIFENNSE Calfskin Leather Men's Dress Shoes are spot-on. They are constructed of high-quality calfskin leather to ensure it stands the test of time. This shoe exhibits exquisite carving that gives it a more classic sense that will never go out of style. Even better, it has a closed lace-up design with flowing lines, and an elegant shape that shows you made an effort to look great.

  • Durable rubber outsole with anti-shock feature
  • Looks great and comes in black, brown, and dark brown
  • The leather is breathable and skin-friendly
  • Neat sewing all around gives it a high-end vibe
8 oxford lace up
8. Nunn Bush Men's Bourbon Street Lace Up Oxford with Kore Slip Resistant Technology

The best wedding shoes for men come no better than the Nunn Bush Mens Oxford Shoes. They are engineered with KORE technology design that offers unprecedented comfort for all-day wear. These shoes have extra-wide widths, making them suitable for men with wide feet. Moreover, they are constructed of genuine leather upper to deliver extra-durability and easy

  • These shoes are slip-resistant to give you dependable traction
  • They have a classic shine to always look neat
  • Versatile to suit various parties and events
  • The classic silhouette ensures they never go out of style
9 glitter loafers
9. CMM Men's Pointed Toe Rivet Dress Shoes Glitter Loafers Plus Size

Step out looking sharp when you have the CMM Men's Pointed Toe Rivet Dress Shoes. They are built with supple suede accented with gold crystals to give it a more luxurious feel. As such, these shoes are great for wedding, prom, photo-shoot and so much more. Although black, these shoes are available in other colors as well to give you a variety to choose from. Even better, the size selection is wide enough to accommodate men of various ages.

  • High-quality outsole for optimal longevity
  • These shoes look good and super-stylish
  • They are true to size for a great fit
  • These shoes are flexible and comfortable
10 luxury wedding ceremony shoes
10. Meijiana Men's Fashion Classic Faux Leather Loafers and Weeding Dress Shoes for Men

Whether your main aim is to turn heads or steal the show, the Meijiana Faux Leather Weeding Dress Shoes for Men will help you achieve just that. They have the perfect combination of stylish and casual to make you stand out in any event. These shoes are designed with velvet outer material and leather inner lining to offer comfort and durability. Plus, they boast a trendy color that’ll make you the highlight of the party.

  • Ideal for daily casual wear
  • Attractive high-end upper design 
  • These shoes are hand-made with attention to detail
  • Comes in multiple color options
formal event shoes

A Guide To Buying The Best Wedding Shoes For Comfort

Getting married is not only one of the most awaited events for most women, but for men also. It is an unparalleled and exciting event that involves preparation and where we want everything to be perfect.

The hall, the decoration, the food, the guests and of course the wardrobe have to be taken care of down to the minute detail. The groom's shoes are however often not on the forefront of the components of an elegant wardrobe. That is  why we have put together a complete guide on how to choose comfortable wedding shoes. It not only includes everything you need to consider to dazzle, feel comfortable, or just add beauty to the event whether you are the groom or a guest, and where to start.

For the best results, the first thing that should grab your attention is the suit, as it will determine the overall style of the rest of the garments, including the shoes.

The most appropriate outfit for the big day will always be a morning suit. It is undoubtedly a safe bet for a wedding. Another convenient option is a tuxedo or even a traditional suit jacket. However, there are those who prefer to opt for a tailcoat. In any case these options are a wildcard that will save you from indecision.

No matter what your choice is, to know how to choose comfortable wedding shoes, it is essential to choose the color. In the past, the suit was worn according to the color of the shoes, but nowadays the rules are not so rigid. In fact, shoes of a different shade from the rest of the outfit are very popular. Everything will depend on the style of the groom or guest and what they want to achieve.

stylish shoes

1. How To Choose The Color Of Wedding Shoes

The guide on how to choose comfortable wedding shoes would be incomplete without a section that summarizes the most worn shoe colors.

When it comes to the right colors, black, dark blue and, of course, gray deserve a special mention. Being neutral colors, they are appropriate for all types of weddings. So, if at this point you have not decided on a color, any of these ranges will suit you.

As for the shirts we must emphasize the white color. It is certainly a safe choice that looks good with any shade of suit and shoes. Another option is the light blue shirt. But it is also valid to opt for any other color that is out of convention.

As far as the tie is concerned, it is advisable that it be of a color that stands out, especially if the rest of the clothing is of a dark or neutral tone, all this taking care not to break with the overall style of clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

What is sought or aimed for is that the set, whether it is a vest, tie, and shirt, look harmonious. It is never advisable to mix different prints, for example, stripes with checks or dots with animal print. Nothing too flashy or showy will look good. After all, it is a wedding, not a costume party.

The finishing touch to the look can be a scarf. In case you go for this one you should make sure that it is the same color as the tie. If you do not want to complicate things you can opt for white.

Some brides and grooms prefer to add details such as a flower or even a small pin to add completeness and a touch of class. This warms up the attire and is encouraged as long as it harmonizes with the rest of the outfit.

wedding footwear

2. Top Tips For Buying Wedding Shoes For Men

The key to choosing comfortable wedding shoes lies in the time of the celebration. If the wedding is during the day or at night, both shoes and attire may vary.

In case the wedding takes place during the day, it is advisable that the suit be in light tones. As for the shoes, a brown pair is recommended.

If it is an evening wedding, the suits usually tend to be dark, either the typical black or navy-blue suit. This makes black shoes the protagonist of the styling.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the etiquette of the event. According to the protocol chosen by the bride and groom, certain rules can be followed, and other options can be discarded. This way you will have a clear criterion on how to choose comfortable wedding shoes that are in tune with the occasion.

Another fundamental point on how to choose comfortable wedding shoes is that they must have a certain degree of formality. That is to say, shoes that would be worn on other less formal occasions are totally out of the question.

It is also generally not appropriate to wear shoes with buckles, decorations or other ornaments. The more sober the footwear, the better. The reason is simple: if the shoes are plain, they will look more elegant than a pair with glitter or excessive ornaments.

On the other hand, the laces of the shoe should be thin and of the same color as the rest of the shoe. Regarding the shape, it is important that they are closed and with an oval toe. It is also valid to wear a shoe with a subtly square toe, since they look quite elegant.

If the wedding will take place at the beach and you are planning to wear sandals or any other open-toed shoes, consider that these only look good with casual outfits. However, there are other semi casual options such as a pair of loafers and boat shoes.

What should the soles be like? The general rule of thumb for choosing the type of sole is that the soles need to match the type of terrain. But if you want a safe option, thin soles are the most elegant version of all. Avoid wearing soles that are too wide, as they look rather casual.

ready for the next step

3. Wedding Shoe Materials And Colors

Leather is undoubtedly one of the best materials for wedding shoes, so is calfskin. Besides having the best finishes, they offer comfort and durability on the other hand, patent leather shoes are handy as long as they are worn with any outfit other than a tuxedo.

The most demanding norms, specifically the black-tie protocol, demand an irrefutable rule: wedding shoes for men must always be black. Certainly, black is the characteristic color of panache. It also demonstrates formality and is one of the best wild cards in how to choose comfortable wedding shoes.

Black harmonizes with all colors and styles. It should only be avoided if it creates a high contrast with the rest of the outfit. For example, if the wedding is during the day, in an outdoor area and a light-colored suit is worn.

Wedding shoes in brown tones are considered ideal for less formal events. However, with the rise of colorful suits, this rule deserves to be reformulated, especially for an outdoor wedding where blue is the main color.

If you get to attend an unconventional wedding, which takes place in a rustic or country-style venue, you will do well to wear the following combination. Get a suit in any shade of blue and pair it with a pair of brown shoes. You will be one of the best dressed on the "big day".

formal event shoes

4. Wedding Shoes According To The Suit

An important aspect of how to choose comfortable wedding shoes is that you ideally should not buy shoes without first choosing the suit. Remember that shoes should seal a good styling and bring distinction without detracting from the formality of the outfit.

As you can see, the tricks of how to choose comfortable wedding shoes are easy to apply to any type of celebration. A good outfit is recognized because it always goes with the wedding etiquette. So, the formality of the footwear is closely related to the overall theme of the event.

ready for the big day shoes

What To Wear To A Wedding Tasting

A wedding tasting should be fun and successful. To make this happen, you should start by dressing for the occasion. While there is no set standard for what to wear to a wedding tasting, it counts to put an effort into your outfit for the day. Besides, you do not want to look unprepared when you get to the venue. Therefore, below are two of the key factors to keep in mind when choosing what to wear to your wedding tasting. Have a look!

A. Comfort

Whatever you plan to wear, make comfort a priority. When you are comfortable in your outfit, you feel relaxed and confident. And this is what you want to make an informed food tasting judgment. Hence, you should consider casual outfits like jeans, a t-shirt, and some sneakers or loafers.

If you do not like jeans, then go for cargo pants, some nice shorts, or even a track suit if you want to feel amazingly comfortable. Remember, you do not have to limit your outfit selections to the ones mentioned earlier, the main aim is comfort. This means you can fearlessly choose any outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

B. Consider The Venue

Dressing for the occasion when going for your food tasting means you choose the appropriate outfit for the venue. That is, if you are going to a fancy restaurant then you want to elevate your outfit to something more elegant, so you do not look out of place. However, if it is your local restaurant then casual is good enough.

Keep your options open when picking what to wear to your wedding tasting. Sometimes your food tasting venue might be hosting another wedding. In this case, you might want to dress more formally to blend in with the rest of the guests.