Get Ready For that Special Occasion: A practical Guide To Finding Formal Shoes For Men

You could be getting ready for a wedding, interview or perhaps looking for formal everyday office wear. This guide is designed to help you make a well informed decision. It will also help keep your focus on that interview or other formal occasion.

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Prepare for the occasion

As an important formal occasion draws closer, the last thing you would like to be doing is to search for shoes that will suit the occasion. You should ideally have at least one formal pair of shoes. This should be good enough to use a variety of formal occasions. In some formal occasions like weddings, a brand new pair of shoes is necessary.

 It is essential to plan your wedding attire early so that you will buy shoes that will match your chosen attire. Planning ahead is key. It will allow you to do your search in a more relaxed manner without draining time on the main occasion you are preparing for.

shoe rack

Get a shoe rack

There is a wide variety of shoe racks on the market. You could get one that is best suited for your house and taste. A shoe rack will better organize your shoes and make it easier to select and change your footwear as occasions and events demand. It will de-clutter your house and enhance the life of your shoes as they are stored in an ideal environment.


Carry the weight with dignity and confidence

There is a certain weight and dignity attached to men's formal wear. This has been case for hundreds of years. As you step into the classic Oxford, Brogues Derby, Loafers or Monks shoes, you are stepping into formality. Society will see in a different light when you are formally dressed. Formality at worst can represent impersonality since it has a psychological effect of radiating far more authority than would be the case if one was informally dressed.

Some legal organisations are seeking to tone down on their dress code to make themselves more accessible to the general public. Many young men have failed to break into the corporate world because of failure to embrace formality. Whatever the case may be formal footwear has been around and will continue to be around for a long time. With this in mind, it is important to embrace formality and encourage young men to learn to carry the dignity that goes with it with honor. Young men must also be trained and mentored to help them excel in their careers.

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Select dark colors

Your shoes and attire must fit into the occasion is such a way that in a sense you are so appropriately dressed that no one notices. The people may admire your style and taste but will usually want think about this within a framework of formality.

Dark colored shoes will blend in with most suits and other formal wear. Some situations like daily work in the office can give you extra freedom in which you can play around with other colors as you develop your style. On the other hand special occasions like weddings are one off events in which you must get it right the first time. In this case, it is best to keep it safe by sticking to dark colors.

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Go for top quality materials

A lot of tradition is built into formal wear. Their shapes tend to follow a similar pattern. In this case, it is more important to focus on the quality of the materials used.

Leather soles are durable but more expensive. Leather soles were used well before rubber was used in shoe soles. They have less grip than rubber soles. Rubber can be added to leather soles to increase their grip. They generally come with stitching under them, meaning that after using the shoes for some time, you can re-sole them. Re-soling is possible with rubbers shoes as well but is limited because rubber is usually “permanently” glued to the shoe. Rubber soles provide a lot of grip, and high quality ones can last for years. They also radiate a more casual look than men's leather shoes.

The upper and inner material of each pair is usually the same. Go for high quality leather.It is also wise to check the inner lining of the shoes to ensure that it provides maximum comfort.